Adrian Hicks


This is a free online version of the popular Inspiration. The great thing about this is that you can collaborate online with other members.

Another mindmapping activity. Free. You can collaborate. Useful for groupwork.


It took me a while to really figure out the benefit of this one. However, this is an excellent way to track student learning in a safe online environment.


This is a basic way for students to bring their stories to life. You can use characters from Barack Obama to Parish Hilton. They can laugh, cry, run and walk. They just can't talk (uses speech bubbles). Still very useful and super easy to use.


This is another animation program but not for the feint hearted. In this much more sophisticated environment you have talking figures, changing camera angles and more options for emotions. Would make a great English task on play writing.


Similar to facebook, but a much safer online environment. You can set up a Ning just for you class. Only they can join and you have as much control as you need. Ning will also can the ads if you let them know it is for education. Students can collaborate in chat, pics, files, etc.


This is a free web authoring site. You can create your own learning sites with blogs, electronic file submission (without giving out your email), pics, files, youtube. It is super easy to use, just drag and drop. It will give you extra privileges if you get others to sign up too.


This is a free sharing space. It is really easy to share audio and podcast for students to pick up and add to.
Great to provide work when you can't be there face to face.